Power Factor Correction

Installation of Power Factor Correction equipment can save your company considerable money.

If you have heavy lighting, heating or manufacturing electricity usage, we can install hardware that will offset the actual usage against the metered usage, potentially saving your company a considerable amount of money when the electricity bill comes in.

Electrical Connexions is an Energex Authorised Installer for Queensland.


  • Barbecue Servicing
  • BBQ Repairs & Service
  • Christie BBQ Melbourne
  • Green Plate
  • Melbourne BBQ’s
  • KSG Electric BBQ’s


We carry spare parts for all types of the above BBQ’s.

BBQ New Units

We have designed the most efficient BBQ on the market and have sold over 2000 units in Australia & New Zealand. Gold Coast City Council have over 450 units (they pulled out other brands because they are not as efficient).


Designs by our Company features:

  • Lowest power consumption of any BBQ on the market.
  • The most advanced temperature control (rises to 245 degrees down to 239 degrees) opposition have well over 30 degrees which cause great heat loss and more power use.
  • These BBQ’s have less maintenance because of advanced control.

We sold the company however still maintain the units.