Industrial Services

Access Control Systems

We install top of the line access control systems ensuring total access safety and communications.

Automated Energy Management Systems

Saving energy is not just about saving money, it save the environment as well. Installing an automated energy management system will set lights and temperature controls to automatically switch off during unused periods.

Breaker or Fuse Replacement

Breakers and fuses protects any establishment from power overloads and electrical surges. Any symptoms for replacement should always be responded to immediately to avoid electrical problems that can cause fire, equipment damage or pose a danger of electrocution.

Building Rewiring

Hire a Master Electrician to identify and repair existing wiring to prevent the possibility of fire. We can solve any electrical problems ranging from single main system, subdivided main or a three-wire system.

Code / Safety Electrical Inspections

To ensure your safety and to remain OHS compliant, it is important that your establishment is periodically inspected for potential electric problems. A qualified electrician needs to conduct a routine inspection to ensure that codes are met. We can do just that. We can assist in promoting awareness of the relevant codes and safety requirements.

Electrical Occupancy

A great energy and money saving tool is the installation of occupancy sensors. This is an infrared technology that can detect motion in a room and respond by switching on the lights. Not only is this a saving tool but also a safety mechanism for any building.

Emergency Temporary Installations

It is frustrating when there is an unexpected power outage. When this happens, call Electrical Connexions and we will be glad to provide a temporary solution to keep your business up and running.

Generator Standby Systems

Secure your commercial building with a generator standby system to avoid electrical power interruption and eliminate downtime due to power outage. We provide a professional installation and maintenance service that comply with all local and national electrical codes.

Landscape Lighting

Make your landscaping outstanding both day and night. By choosing the correct lighting and design elements, landscape lighting will make any premises stand out.

Lighting and Heating Solutions (Including Emergency Lighting)

We have top of the line lighting and heating solutions, offering significant savings and improvements over many in the market place. To run a business efficiently, you need to find means to reduce carbon and energy cost. Not only will it benefit your business but the environment as well.

We can plan your business’s emergency needs such as preparing ahead of time your emergency lighting and heating needs during a disaster. We can offer unique lighting and heating products and emergency supplies that will fit your situation.

Maintenance Contracts

To ensure your business and manufacturing equipment is running smoothly we can provide regular maintenance checks. By doing this, you are guaranteed in reducing minimal downtime and production losses. Rather than spending on repairs, you will save a lot more if you have regular technical support checking on your equipment. Consider it the same as having your car serviced.

Meter Panel Upgrades

Whatever your purpose for upgrading meter panels, Electrical Connexions is here to help. Just contact us and we will attend to your needs immediately. Upgrading your existing meter panels can extend its productive life, accuracy and safety.

Parking Lot Light Installation and Maintenance.

Proper lighting in parking areas is an important safety feature of any establishment. We provide parking area lighting installations and or maintenance that are 100% compliant to all codes.

Cricket Pitch Lighting

Periodic Inspections

This service involves inspection of the condition of existing electrical installations to detect any deficiencies against the National Safety Standards and to rectify any irregularities. There are so many benefits that this periodic inspection can do for your business. It can be a requirement in acquiring a loan or mortgage, leasing agreement, and you can also claim payments against some insurance policies.

Sign Service Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Our service includes turn-key sign installation, maintenance, repair and / or replacement with permit and in compliance with any codes and regulations

Single Phase / 3-Phase

Single phase 240/415, 3 phase High Voltage Service Installation and Repair.

3-phase power is commonly used in commercial and industrial applications and can be complex. To get it right you need a highly trained and experienced expert to install. We are open for consultation, installation and maintenance to meet your needs.

Smoke, Fire and Intruder Alarm Systems (including CCTV)

Electrical Connexions can supply & install security systems such as burglar alarms, access control systems and CCTV, fire security issues, flood and more. Electrical Connexions care about your safety and we can deliver solutions to ensure it.

Touch Panel Relay Systems

Achieving dramatic lighting effects can be achieved by installing a touch panel lighting control system. We will help you implement the latest touch panel lighting control systems for theatrical and spectacular lighting effects

TVSS & Surge Protection Systems

Installing and networking TVSS and surge protection systems will protect your electrical devices and equipment. It will also significantly improve the operation and efficiency of any electrical devices by making it free from transients and electrical surges.

Unit Refurbishments

We provides a full on-site unit refurbishment facility wherein units can be completely stripped and rebuilt with the use of the latest components and technology.

We Guarantee:
  • Full reconditioning of power units and systems
  • Detailed inspection and quotation service
  • On and off site service
  • Updated to comply with the latest industry standards
  • On-going support through maintenance contracts
  • Refurbished to original manufacturer’s specification
  • Full Manufacturer’s Warranty