What we do

Electrical Connexions provides cost effective electrical solutions to Industrial and Commercial buildings throughout Brisbane. We specialise in responsive handling of installing new electrical wiring and fittings as well as re-modelling or repair of existing electrical fixtures. We also provide a wide range of other electrical maintenance services.

Industrial Services

Electrical Connexions offers a broad range of industrial electrical services, such as:- Access control systems, automated energy management systems, breaker and fuse replacement, rewiring, inspections, and many others

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Test & Tag

Electrical Connexions Testing and Tagging Resource. Is Your Company Complying With The OH&S Act?

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging technology has become one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for industrial applications.

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Power Factor Correction

If you have heavy lighting, heating or manufacturing electricity usage, we can install hardware that will offset the actual usage against the metered usage, potentially saving your company a considerable amount of money when the electricity bill comes in.

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